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    Author Photos by Adrienne Lauren Photography

    Cedar Hill Cemetery in Port Jefferson, NY was the location for long overdue author shoot (ten years waiting). I was incredibly blessed to get my author photos updated by Adrienne Lauren Photography. We strolled up and down the rolling hills passing by rusted iron in various levels of decay amidst the leaning ruins of lives long past. What better place to feel inspired to write than the restless home of the departed If you ever need photos of any kind done (artistic or otherwise)? I highly recommend her work. You can see a sampling of photos from the shoot at the Facebook Album: Adrienne Lauren Photography I created. Please let…

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    Episode 0 – Introduction

    Here is an introduction to Aroph Short Stories. For the next nine weeks a new story will appear every Friday, available from the Judah Mahay App, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, or your favorite RSS feed. We will feature new and upcoming writers as well as classics, all that take science to plausible extremes or reality to the magical. Please review and enjoy the stories. Thank you.

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    Aroph Short Stories – Update

    Novel finished and now with agents. Back to recording the #ArophShortStories podcast. On episode 5 story “Bumps” by Matthew Hall. Planning on the first episode going live on the first of October. After which, episodes will be released weekly. To note, it will be available on this site, iTunes, and other podcast sites.

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    Judah Mahay, Author App Walkthrough

    I had a lot fun putting this together. Took a bit of tweaking, but I’m happy with the results. In the future I will be adding a podcast called Aroph Audio Shorts to the app as well where I’ll be reading short stories in the realm of near future and magical realism. All in all good fun. Download @ http://goo.gl/bwl6P8 App Features: – Read a handful of short stories and poems on the fly. – Track Judah’s blog posts to keep in the in. – Easily send him messages or questions. – Keep up on his twitter feed. Who doesn’t tweet after all. – Track any news about his travels…

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    Reading Recap: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

    So I decided I might throw up one of these on occasion. Let the world know what I think of my reading explorations. First, let’s give props where props are deserved. Published in 2008, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman won numerous accolades including the British Carnegie Medal and the American Newbery Medal in children’s literature along with the Hugo Award and the Locus Award for Best Young Adult Book. The illustrations in the British children’s edition by Chris Riddell were shortlisted for the Kate Greenway Medal. The artwork for the US edition by Dave McKean are stellar, but I have to say I prefer the British illustration by Chris…

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    Assumptions Abound: Dialogue with Jose Rivera

    Our dear friend Jose Rivera is well know in the theatre community and he’s earned that honor. Over the years he’s guided budding playwrights in their craft. After a decade or so he finally imparted to a wider audience some of his insights in “36 Assumptions About Writing.” Here in this little piece, I’ll pull Mr. Rivera into the realm of fiction, showing how some of his sagacity might be a little more universal than first perceived. First I will begin by presenting the assumption and then I’ll analyze it. Let’s take a look.

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    Author App Featured

    My author smartphone app was reviewed as an app of the day on the site droidappoftheday.com. Link posted below. Hope you enjoy. http://www.droidappoftheday.com/2013/09/judah-mahay-author.html P.S. My app is also available on the iPhone.   Download: iPhone | Android  

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    eBook Short Stories Arrive

    After much discussion with my friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to post a few of my short stories for free on major ebook retailers including Google Books and the iBookstore for the iPad. My first story up is “The Trees of Evermore.” Designing the ebooks have been a lot of fun (it also helps me procrastinate with my writing) and more importantly it has the potential to start producing a bit of income for me through my art. We’re just talking about pennies, but who knows maybe a million people out their will love it. Doesn’t hurt to try. Please consider getting my stories for your eReading devices and submit reviews.…

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    Honored as An Advocate for the Arts

    I recently was contacted by the Long Island Council for the Arts in Freeport to be honored for an annual event. They are recognizing people for their work as advocates in the arts. In all honesty I was a bit shocked and disbelieving, but all said and done I’m going to the event, which is at Adelphi University on March 13th. The organization helps promote the arts throughout Long Island and somehow my name appeared when they were selecting potential candidates. I’m humbled to receive this honor and if anyone can go you can purchase tickets below. Purchase Tickets / Donate to the Arts Council | Long Island Council for…

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    The Judah Mahay, Author App is Here!

    Explore the fantastical fiction, poetry, and musings of Judah Mahay in this free smartphone app with over ten short stories and fifteen poems. Bored on the subway? Fall into another world for a few minutes. You know you want to. Download the Judah Mahay, Author app for either Android or Mobile at judahmahay.ninja!

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    Watermill Grimoire Project

    In January of 2010, I was blessed to be selected by an internationally acclaimed group of artists including Robert Wilson for a residency at the Watermill Center. The New York Foundation for the Arts through the East End Arts Council provided me with a grant, which made the residency possible. To date I’ve posted a series of vignettes about the characters. The Watermill Center was also kind enough to create a video and photo gallery of the event which closed out my residency. Documentation Watermill’s Event Page | Character Vignettes | My Photo Gallery | Watermill’s Photo Gallery | Event Video

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    Watermill Grimoire Video

    Judah Mahay | The Watermill Grimoire | January 30, 2010 from Watermill Center on Vimeo. The Watermill Center presented the work of the Spring season’s first artist-in-residence, the American writer Judah Mahay on January 30, 2010. Over the course of two weeks, with support from the East End Arts Council, Mahay created The Watermill Grimoire, a short fairy tale about artifacts from the Watermill Center. For the public showing of his work, Mahay lead a tour of the Center, read from his story and discussed the Watermill Collection’s objects that have inspired it. This video is an excerpt of the public presentation on January 30, 2010 filmed and edited by…

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    Interview on WLIU 88.3 FM

    Judah was interviewed on WLIU 88.3 FM by host Bonnie Grice along with Gayle Wagner and Pat Synder. The focus is on the recent grant Judah received from the New York Foundation for the Arts issued by the East End Arts Council for his residency at the Watermill Center.

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    Best iPhone App for Writers – Story Tracker

    I've been using my iTouch for a while now and I've downloaded numerous applications with an eye on productivity, entertainment, and knowledge. Through the cacophony of the iPhone App popularity game, on a rare occasion I'll give voice to a product worth the hype. Strangely, the most useful application I discovered so far has little to no exposure. I hope to change the mistake. Thus enters Story Tracker. Being a writer, I have found this application unbelievable useful and well worth every penny, even at a sum of $9.99. A small price to pay in order to help yourself get published. This tool helps you in countless ways to track,…

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    Self Actualization

    We all begin within our selves and somehow along the way we become lost within the mess of living. Some of us never find our way back home, but wander amidst the tangle of experiences and knowledge, which they try to call self. I pity them, because I find myself peer. It is here that life is formed. In the twitching and flopping of existence that we experience life in it’s darkest and liveliest. Or so it seems. As we throw ourselves against the wall of failure over and over again wondering why we are not making progress, all we have to do is stop, wipe the blood of our…

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    Words within come unbidden before my eyes struck within my mind. I cannot bare the ache of unsettled turmoil within. Words must come forth or surely the I of self will die. Lost, I fall within the space of convoluted thought, where only imagination can hone my mind to some semblance of clarity. Madness be the disease of word’s caress. I must give. I must be. I am.

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