These are my poems.

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    An Idea of Tomorrow

    Pencil drop, A teacher provides Out of pocket. It’s their own dime. Yet, passed amidst discord, She cannot see nor sneer Upon such meager coin. She holds too dear Without fear Her own dime. Now is the time To live…WITHIN our time To see that which plagues Or fellow’s friend And to welcome those Who learn strife Is always the days bitter end. Why not be better? We are better. Open our arms. Open your arms. Do not let inequity rule Nor the golden house Once white fall To this gilded flame Of populist rancor Fueled By a divide bled between us. Remember first who we are. American First? That is…

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    When a Bullet Strikes the Rain

    When a Bullet Strikes the Rain Vanishing, one following the next Eyes squint at the dark Droplets sizzle with staccato Speed equates to the sear A path laced with intent Quaking, she envisioning the casket Finger flicks from the trigger Fabric unweaves with requiescence Choices lead to outcomes Are all paths laced with intent Shattering, both losing the memory Air blasts from lungs Skin rends without discourse Pain asks what is between What paths are not laced with intent Hating, he admonishing the regret Pistol falls from grip Lead digs without remorse Fragments dissolve to void Intent pervades even after death

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    Jazz at 5AM

    I had fun relearning cursive for this one. Hope you enjoyed it. The text is below.  Jazz at 5AM Jazz at 5 AM Creaking bones These rusty hinges conjoined Weighted down, this solid ground Grinding another man’s toil While ink dries in the pen The muse withers and petrifies Like a raisin misplaced on a darkened shelf My appetite wanes Under the pressure of banker gains To find my feet To relearn the intrepid burn Repeat  

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    I Believe

    Water of night Ever bright Glimmering iridescent With vague dreams Of heavenly seas Ever bright Splendid lights See into me Without fear I weep Splendid lights What a sight Simmering hope With eternal thoughts Of fragrant thee What a sight Serene height Tepid heart Without doubt I believe  

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    Splintered Glass of Mind

    Splintered glass of mind Shattered mine Memories like quicksilver slip from my thoughts Playfully dancing in pools of words It dares to reflect, my painful game So to learn that which brings A bit of cohesion Memory of me It melds this mirror of my mind What is it that I own that is mine That which was That which is That which will None shall be Nor shall I recall Most when they think before they are They smile or cry at the glimmer of past Mine is none to find Vague hints of a life Splintered glass of mind Forever mine It gives no fear It gives no…

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    The Sacrosanct

    Cardinal sins of the divine Cannot force the benign Even with teardrops dry Echoes of vain remorse Celestine words chiseled with despair Calamity of the soul unveiled Plagues the sanctity of the sacrosanct The shrine inspires no hope The water pure no more The pulpit shakes and cracks The pews laden with dust The chorus forgotten The pipes frozen The children defiled The church reviled Calamity of the soul unveiled Celestine words chiseled with despair Echoes of vain remorse Even with teardrops dry Cannot force the benign Cardinal sins masked as divine

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    Soul Fairy

    You wish to feel You wish to be You wish for everything Then pay the fee Broke you say Not a penny or a dime You have a soul Then rich you are to me You wish to feel You wish to be You wish for everything Then pay the fee A little soul for me Tickles the lips Sweet sweet soul from you to me You will have everything You wish to feel You wish to be You wish for everything Then pay the fee What you give unto me I give unto you Tasty and sweet Your soul to me You wish to feel You wish to be…

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    Published: Mississippi Crow Magazine, Fall 2009. Willow, of a specter’s dream, breathe You fell lightly down the dew covered well Like a broken feather your bones whistle Caught up in the wind of your end You forget why What irony It dispels all that is you Crack against the dry bottom It becomes useless You don’t even remember who pushed

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    The Eyes May See Differently

    Salt scraped from eyes Where, oh where are you Born with brittle sight I think no less Pitted spirit Left to mourn Broken nye Cast the mold of myself To make anew without you But spark no more, glazed the mind Meek no more, the shadow of my mold Always lined with vile self Oh, tender self wake What I made masters over me But dawn burns no more Grinning despair The smile kills the truth Animal to myself I know not where to go Always it ends in revenge To what To ourselves, foolish child This convoluted shell Breathe no more And dancing free, kissing lips, joyful tears Prized…

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    We all carry a hope for respite Such wishful plights Let us remember the night We yearn Anon the sight We look to said yonder Away whence we came To houses sterile and new And untouch glades, lush, unwalked Only to watch Forgone childish play, childish toys Yes, the magic dies With a sigh Our skin crinkles Our eyes narrow Our souls hunched in crumbled bodies Yes, the magic dies Till child we see once more And in the sparkle of their eyes We either cringe Or know whence we came And laugh the glee of respite and see anon no more Or live to die anon once more

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    I, as you, walk down this road of broken glass It dulls the mind with discord – memory It is instinct to look back What else is there to do, but move on to feeble hope Lost is the string of the grey stained path The pavement is cracked The land withers in the mirror of the glazed eye What have we song our lives to become How can we scrape ourselves together Into a semblance of existence It is true Our nails cannot bite deep enough Our screams cannot pierce loud enough Our sickness torment enough We do not hear ourselves We break We do not see That we are Gone

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    Night of Night

    Oh night, weary night Skip and hop my soul does wish But teary eyed of my spirit I lay awash with bed of dark Held in hands glimmer dark Such entities not to bear But strength the same Or power could it be Stretching thin the I Tender I feel Long path we tread A child’s step so gone What, what will bring Will I collapse, collapse it be to this weight So Sorrow of Sorrow’s Gate I think not For I as I be am too stubborn

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    Where We Begin

    Unfoldeth thou in the rend so jagged and dark But tinged it be with lines of red Glowing of a passage that may scorch the skin To bear this burden I must do much So I sling the bag over my back Throw the goggles over my eyes Check that all is prepared My heart beats Which is good, but the rhythm is a bit too fast for my liking I lick my lips They are chapped The heat burns against my face But it is the path I chose So wish me luck For endeavor I must Into the pits of foulest despair I shall surely return without a…

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    Water of night Ever bright Glimmering iridescent With vague dreams Of heavenly seas Ever bright Splendid lights See into me Without fear I weep Splendid lights What a sight Simmering hope With eternal thoughts Of fragrant thee What a sight Serene plight Intrepid heart Without doubt I believe

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    Blessed be Chosen words Met in harmony. This dialogue’s dance Did reveal Minds alike. How we laughed. Knowledge was exchanged. Both, we gained, And it was Beyond idle discourse. Now we are still A puzzle in our hands, These fitted pieces Of mystery’s birth Found their home. In the beginning I did seek Yet, it was not I that found But that which makes us meet. Therefore, blessed be, All and two hence more Your triad of brothers Entwined by dearest mother. Thank you for you. Sincerely me.

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