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Splintered Glass of Mind

Splintered glass of mind
Shattered mine
Memories like quicksilver slip from my thoughts
Playfully dancing in pools of words
It dares to reflect, my painful game
So to learn that which brings
A bit of cohesion
Memory of me
It melds this mirror of my mind
What is it that I own that is mine
That which was
That which is
That which will
None shall be
Nor shall I recall
Most when they think before they are
They smile or cry at the glimmer of past
Mine is none to find
Vague hints of a life

Splintered glass of mind
Forever mine
It gives no fear
It gives no tear
It gives no recourse
This is not mine
I am not your seer
I have someone else’s mind
Even as I speak
Of this I lie
But feel it all the same
Thus what was
Empty of
This splintered glass of mind
That of mine


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