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    The Sacrosanct

    Cardinal sins of the divine Cannot force the benign Even with teardrops dry Echoes of vain remorse Celestine words chiseled with despair Calamity of the soul unveiled Plagues the sanctity of the sacrosanct The shrine inspires no hope The water pure no more The pulpit shakes and cracks The pews laden with dust The chorus forgotten The pipes frozen The children defiled The church reviled Calamity of the soul unveiled Celestine words chiseled with despair Echoes of vain remorse Even with teardrops dry Cannot force the benign Cardinal sins masked as divine

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    We all carry a hope for respite Such wishful plights Let us remember the night We yearn Anon the sight We look to said yonder Away whence we came To houses sterile and new And untouch glades, lush, unwalked Only to watch Forgone childish play, childish toys Yes, the magic dies With a sigh Our skin crinkles Our eyes narrow Our souls hunched in crumbled bodies Yes, the magic dies Till child we see once more And in the sparkle of their eyes We either cringe Or know whence we came And laugh the glee of respite and see anon no more Or live to die anon once more

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