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Best iPhone App for Writers – Story Tracker


I’ve been using my iTouch for a while now and I’ve downloaded numerous applications with an eye on productivity, entertainment, and knowledge. Through the cacophony of the iPhone App popularity game, on a rare occasion I’ll give voice to a product worth the hype. Strangely, the most useful application I discovered so far has little to no exposure. I hope to change the mistake.

Thus enters Story Tracker. Being a writer, I have found this application unbelievably useful and well worth every penny, even at a sum of $9.99, a small price to pay in order to help yourself get published. This tool helps you in countless ways to track, organize, and respond to story submissions. Story Tracker is excellent for any writer looking to take the serious steps towards publication. Let’s look at a breakdown of the benefits taken from the developer’s site.

Story Tracker

  • Check the status of your stories, markets, and submissions at a glance.
  • Use the index to jump through long lists of stories and markets fast.
  • Add or remove stories, markets and submissions with ease.
  • Add details for each story, including title, word-count, genre, and notes.
  • View total income earned for each story.
  • ‘Trunk’ stories to hide them from the story list when creating submissions.
  • View the submission history for each story, sorted by date.
  • Add details for each market, including title, genre, editor and more.
  • Use the embedded web-browser to quickly check on market websites.
  • Launch email or phonecalls directly from market details.
  • Log whether a particular market is open or closed to submissions.
  • Closed markets are hidden from the market list when creating submissions.
  • Quickly check whether you already have a submission at each market.
  • View submission history for each market, sorted by date.
  • View response times for each submission.
  • Add details for each submission, including story, market, and sent/response dates.
  • Log whether a market has rejected, bought, or published a story submission.
  • Store income earned for each submission.
  • Statistics show totals for:
    • stories, markets, and submissions.
    • stories that have never been submitted, or have been abandoned (ie trunked).
    • submitted stories still out to market.
    • rejections, sales, and publications.
    • income earned.
  • Always remembers what screen you were looking at last.
  • Saves changes on exit, or when interrupted by a phonecall.

AppStoreAll in all, this application is a must have for any serious writer, needing an edge in the heavily competitive publishing industry. Find story tracker in iTunes.

Any thoughts?

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