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    Reading Recap: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

    So I decided I might throw up one of these on occasion. Let the world know what I think of my reading explorations. First, let’s give props where props are deserved. Published in 2008, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman won numerous accolades including the British Carnegie Medal and the American Newbery Medal in children’s literature along with the Hugo Award and the Locus Award for Best Young Adult Book. The illustrations in the British children’s edition by Chris Riddell were shortlisted for the Kate Greenway Medal. The artwork for the US edition by Dave McKean are stellar, but I have to say I prefer the British illustration by Chris…

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    Assumptions Abound: Dialogue with Jose Rivera

    Our dear friend Jose Rivera is well know in the theatre community and he’s earned that honor. Over the years he’s guided budding playwrights in their craft. After a decade or so he finally imparted to a wider audience some of his insights in “36 Assumptions About Writing.” Here in this little piece, I’ll pull Mr. Rivera into the realm of fiction, showing how some of his sagacity might be a little more universal than first perceived. First I will begin by presenting the assumption and then I’ll analyze it. Let’s take a look.

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    eBook Short Stories Arrive

    After much discussion with my friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to post a few of my short stories for free on major ebook retailers including Google Books and the iBookstore for the iPad. My first story up is “The Trees of Evermore.” Designing the ebooks have been a lot of fun (it also helps me procrastinate with my writing) and more importantly it has the potential to start producing a bit of income for me through my art. We’re just talking about pennies, but who knows maybe a million people out their will love it. Doesn’t hurt to try. Please consider getting my stories for your eReading devices and submit reviews.…