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    Submission Open: Aroph Stories Podcast – Season 2

    Aroph Short Stories Podcast is gearing up for a new season. It has been some time but I’m compiling submission for season two of the Aroph Short Stories Podcast. Just as a primer, I’m interested in stories under 2500 words that take science to plausible extremes or reality to the magical. This what I love to write and what I love to read. Submissions will be reviewed over the next couple of weeks and once we’ve reached enough stories for eight episodes we’ll be closed to entries. So, make sure you get your fantastical, mythical story submitted. Submission Breakdown 2500 words or less. Standard Manuscript Format Word Document (.doc or…

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    Author Photos by Adrienne Lauren Photography

    Cedar Hill Cemetery in Port Jefferson, NY was the location for long-overdue author shoot (ten years waiting). I was incredibly blessed to get my author photos updated by Adrienne Lauren Photography. We strolled up and down the rolling hills passing by rusted iron in various levels of decay amidst the leaning ruins of lives long past. What better place to feel inspired to write than the restless home of the departed If you ever need photos of any kind done (artistic or otherwise)? I highly recommend her work. You can see a sampling of photos from the shoot at the Facebook Album: Adrienne Lauren Photography I created. Please let me…

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    Aroph Short Stories – Update

    Novel finished and now with agents. Back to recording theĀ #ArophShortStories podcast. On episode 5 story “Bumps” by Matthew Hall. Planning on the first episode going live on the first of October. After which, episodes will be released weekly. To note, it will be available on this site, iTunes, and other podcast sites.