Judah Mahay, Author


Artists love to experience other art or they do not posses art themselves.


Jeannine Garsee (Young Adult Fiction)
Pamela Reese (High Fantasy)
Terry Brooks (High Fantasy)
Ursula K. Le Guin (High Fantasy, Literature, & Non-Fiction)
Karen Miller (Fantasy)
Tad Williams (High Fantasy)
CJ Parker (Paranormal Mystery)
Raymond E. Feist (High Fantasy)
Robert Jordan (High Fantasy)

More Artists

Makoto Fujimura
– One of the most amazing print artists I’ve heard off. I saw him at a conference and was astounded at what he could do with a paint brush, time, and metals.

– They are an eclectic acoustic trio that rocks with unplugged versions of a wide variety of musical styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country and Reggae.


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