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Below is a collection of resources I’ve found useful for artists. If you have any suggestions please contact me.

Free Mobile App Creation

– I used to use appmakr.com, but I found the above site to be a bit cleaner, less bugs, and they allow you to have a home page as well as push notifications for free. A great deal.

Additional Resources

New York Foundation for the Arts
– They have a great resource of articles on the business of art, but they also provide grants among other things.

East End Arts Council
– A wonderful organization supporting the arts.

IAM: International Arts Movement
– An organization which inspires artists and creative catalysts to engage the culture that is, and create the world that ought to be.

Forward Motion
– An organization created by Holly Lisle to give advice to writers. I’m really impressed with the depth of information at this site. A great place to if you want to hone your skills as a writer.

Writers Write
– A place where writers can gather information, meet people, and read articles, while finding a web designer for their new author website and more. This is not a very well laid out site, something I’m particularly picky about, but it does the job. Hopefully they’ll update soon.

– A Wiki site (sub domain of Wikipedia) dedicated to world building in various genres.

– A free encyclopedia with a limitless amount of knowledge. A great resource for any artist.

Constructed Languages (Wikipedia)
– A quick jump for you if you like self created languages in your books.

Medieval Names Archive
– If you’re a fantasy writer like me, then it’s not a bad idea to look at historic names of the time period in which you endeavor.

Medieval History
– Believe it or not, most fantasy books are historical novels with fantastical elements. Consequently, knowing your history helps. This is a great site, but half of the links are dead. Nonethelesss, it is huge and still worth the digging.

– Have you ever wondered where your favorite author got his/her National Endowment for the Arts? Well this is it. It is a government listing of grants of every kind, no matter what kind of artist, organization, or business you are. Artists have to get paid, why not by the government.

Long Island Arts Council at Freeport
– LIACF is a non-profit organization, helping artists, nurtures the development of arts organizations on Long IslandNY, and involves the community.


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