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    Jazz at 5AM

    I had fun relearning cursive for this one. Hope you enjoyed it. The text is below.  Jazz at 5 AM Creaking bones These rusty hinges conjoined Weighted down, this solid ground Grinding another man’s toil While ink dries in the pen The muse withers and petrifies Like a raisin misplaced on a darkened shelf My appetite wanes Under the pressure of banker gains To find my feet To relearn the intrepid burn Repeat

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    Splintered Glass of Mind

    Splintered glass of mindShattered mineMemories like quicksilver slip from my thoughtsPlayfully dancing in pools of wordsIt dares to reflect, my painful gameSo to learn that which bringsA bit of cohesionMemory of meIt melds this mirror of my mindWhat is it that I own that is mineThat which wasThat which isThat which willNone shall beNor shall I recallMost when they think before they areThey smile or cry at the glimmer of pastMine is none to findVague hints of a life Splintered glass of mindForever mineIt gives no fearIt gives no tearIt gives no recourseThis is not mineI am not your seerI have someone else’s mindEven as I speakOf this I lieBut…

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    I, as you, walk down this road of broken glassIt dulls the mind with discord – memory It is instinct to look back What else is there to do, but move on to feeble hopeLost is the string of the grey stained pathThe pavement is crackedThe land withers in the mirror of the glazed eyeWhat have we song our lives to becomeHow can we scrape ourselves together Into a semblance of existence It is trueOur nails cannot bite deep enoughOur screams cannot pierce loud enoughOur sickness torment enough We do not hear ourselvesWe break We do not see That we areGone