Judah Mahay, Author
  • fragrant,iridescent,love,poem,seas,thee

    I Believe

    Water of nightEver brightGlimmering iridescentWith vague dreamsOf heavenly seas Ever brightSplendid lightsSee into meWithout fearI weep Splendid lightsWhat a sightSimmering hopeWith eternal thoughtsOf fragrant thee What a sightSerene heightTepid heartWithout doubtI believe

  • glass,mind,poem,splintered

    Splintered Glass of Mind

    Splintered glass of mindShattered mineMemories like quicksilver slip from my thoughtsPlayfully dancing in pools of wordsIt dares to reflect, my painful gameSo to learn that which bringsA bit of cohesionMemory of meIt melds this mirror of my mindWhat is it that I own that is mineThat which wasThat which isThat which willNone shall beNor shall I recallMost when they think before they areThey smile or cry at the glimmer of pastMine is none to findVague hints of a life Splintered…

  • catholic,child,church,pedophile,pope,rape,sacrosanct

    The Sacrosanct

    Cardinal sins of the divineCannot force the benignEven with teardrops dryEchoes of vain remorseCelestine words chiseled with despair Calamity of the soul unveiledPlagues the sanctity of the sacrosanct The shrine inspires no hopeThe water pure no moreThe pulpit shakes and cracksThe pews laden with dustThe chorus forgottenThe pipes frozenThe children defiledThe church reviled Calamity of the soul unveiledCelestine words chiseled with despairEchoes of vain remorseEven with teardrops dryCannot force the benignCardinal sins masked as divine