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    I, as you, walk down this road of broken glassIt dulls the mind with discord – memory It is instinct to look back What else is there to do, but move on to feeble hopeLost is the string of the grey stained pathThe pavement is crackedThe land withers in the mirror of the glazed eyeWhat have we song our lives to becomeHow can we scrape ourselves together Into a semblance of existence It is trueOur nails cannot bite deep enoughOur screams cannot pierce loud enoughOur…

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    Night of Night

    Oh night, weary nightSkip and hop my soul does wishBut teary-eyed of my spiritI lay awash with bed of darkHeld in hands glimmer darkSuch entities not to bearBut strength the sameOr power could it beStretching thin the ITender I feelLong path we treadA child’s step so goneWhat, what will bringWill I collapse, collapse it be to this weightSo Sorrow of Sorrow’s GateI think notFor I as I be am too stubborn

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    Where We Begin

    Unfoldeth thou in the rend so jagged and darkBut tinged it be with lines of redGlowing of a passage that may scorch the skinTo bear this burden I must do muchSo I sling the bag over my backThrow the goggles over my eyesCheck that all is preparedMy heart beatsWhich is good, but the rhythm is a bit too fast for my likingI lick my lipsThey are chappedThe heat burns against my faceBut it is the path I choseSo wish me…

  • alight,poem
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    Water of nightEver brightGlimmering iridescentWith vague dreamsOf heavenly seas Ever brightSplendid lightsSee into meWithout fearI weep Splendid lightsWhat a sightSimmering hopeWith eternal thoughtsOf fragrant thee What a sightSerene plightIntrepid heartWithout doubtI believe

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