Artistic Vision

Author Judah Mahay showing his necklace which bares the Norse Ansuz rune.

I aim to change people. No seriously, I wish to be an avatar of change. Now before you laugh or write me off keep in mind the world is already changing every day. You can either take a hands-off approach, allow the society to evolve however it chooses or cultivate progress. I’m all too convinced people prefer the degradation therein. Another mindset I wish to change.

When it comes to writing, my words might not impact you, rather it is grandiose to say they will, but it has the potential like any action with its proper reaction. This probability is enough to keep me creating.

In regards to my vision for a changed world, well let’s just say I keep the book open and much of what is written is transient. Not to say I lack conviction, many can attest to the opposite. I’m more than willing to hear everyone’s side of the story and be changed by it. How can I expect someone else to change if I’m not willing to change myself?

I strive to create a communal compassion in our society with a focus on providing for all through the organic workings of a competitive and fair market with the consumer at the foremost backed by a political system adhering to the belief that it sacrifices for the people. The honor and dignity of the political class needs to be reinstated through simple reforms.

I come to the heart of my undertaking with my fiction. I’m not a political fiction writer nor do I play with themes of a perfectly competitive society. These are more non-fiction rants. In the artistic sense, I write fantastical literature, or my preferred definition of magical realism, with the intent to expose and challenge people about issues where common bearers prevent them from doing so under traditional means.

No person is made up of black and whites. I’m proud of every color and shade I represent even if it delves away from a focused point of view. It is what drives me forward and keeps me a participant in this society I dearly love. I hope you can gain as much from my writing as I learn creating it.

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