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    Submission Open: Aroph Stories Podcast – Season 2

    Aroph Short Stories Podcast is gearing up for a new season. It has been some time but I’m compiling submission for season two of the Aroph Short Stories Podcast. Just as a primer, I’m interested in stories under 2500 words that take science to plausible extremes or reality to the magical. This what I love to write and what I…

  • Nothingness Waits
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    Nothingness Waits

    You must feel the anger of the skies. Everyone does. Her ever-present glare reminds all below how we neglected her—amber never fading from twilight. Maybe she’s trying to kill you? Maybe we all are trying to kill ourselves? So, just take a breath, a single breath, deep and pure. No, seriously. Now…just take…a…breath. Let the acid burn truth. Now, walk…