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    Writing Exercise: Writing Around the Edges

    As many of you already know, I’m an English professor. I’ve been at this for around seven years and over that time I’ve built up a slew of my own writing exercises. As promised in my newsletter signup, I’m going to start revealing some of these along with a few tips, in order to show my other literary side. The exercise below is one of my favorites in that it helps you shift the focus of your writing away from…

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    Assumptions Abound: Dialogue with Jose Rivera

    Our dear friend Jose Rivera is well know in the theatre community and he’s earned that honor. Over the years he’s guided budding playwrights in their craft. After a decade or so he finally imparted to a wider audience some of his insights in “36 Assumptions About Writing.” Here in this little piece, I’ll pull Mr. Rivera into the realm of fiction, showing how some of his sagacity might be a little more universal than first perceived. First I will…