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    I Believe

    Water of nightEver brightGlimmering iridescentWith vague dreamsOf heavenly seas Ever brightSplendid lightsSee into meWithout fearI weep Splendid lightsWhat a sightSimmering hopeWith eternal thoughtsOf fragrant thee What a sightSerene heightTepid heartWithout doubtI believe

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    Splintered Glass of Mind

    Splintered glass of mindShattered mineMemories like quicksilver slip from my thoughtsPlayfully dancing in pools of wordsIt dares to reflect, my painful gameSo to learn that which bringsA bit of cohesionMemory of meIt melds this mirror of my mindWhat is it that I own that is mineThat which wasThat which isThat which willNone shall beNor shall I recallMost when they think before they areThey smile or cry at the glimmer of pastMine is none to findVague hints of a life Splintered glass of mindForever mineIt gives no fearIt gives no tearIt gives no recourseThis is not mineI am not your seerI have someone else’s mindEven as I speakOf this I lieBut…

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    Published: Mississippi Crow Magazine, Fall 2009. Willow, of a specter’s dream, breatheYou fell lightly down the dew covered wellLike a broken feather your bones whistleCaught up in the wind of your endYou forget whyWhat ironyIt dispels all that is youCrack against the dry bottomIt becomes uselessYou don’t even remember who pushed

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    The Eyes May See Differently

    Salt scraped from eyesWhere, oh where are youBorn with brittle sightI think no lessPitted spiritLeft to mournBroken nyeCast the mold of myselfTo make anew without youBut spark no more, glazed the mindMeek no more, the shadow of my moldAlways lined with vile selfOh, tender self wakeWhat I made masters over meBut dawn burns no moreGrinning despairThe smile kills the truthAnimal to myselfI know not where to goAlways it ends in revengeTo whatTo ourselves, foolish childThis convoluted shellBreathe no moreAnd dancing free, kissing lips, joyful tearsPrized as yoursBut now another’sThe mirror of your past liedYou are no more