Iyo or Tena

Iyo or Tena
Iyo or Tena

Written for the Watermill Grimoire Project.

What is the place you call the Archive? Hmm, I like it not. Easily broken. Too astir, too active for the likes of me. I’m from afar like us all, but I find myself more content than most. I’m almost a thousand years old. Pity those years steered by so fast.

But, this is splendid company I keep. Many tales they have, which are worth your ear. I advise, listen, and learn, but keep calm within for the unsteady heart cannot bend ear to good use.

Oh, have I forgotten to introduce myself. Pity on me, time sure does move fast. I’m Iyo if you catch me right and Tena if you catch me wrong. I hope you find our community welcoming, but I’m not of this Archive you speak, and if it has anything to do with Ms. Kitty, well, I smile on such things.


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