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The Judah Mahay, Author App is Here!

Mobile Application for Judah MahayExplore the fantastical fiction, poetry, and musings of Judah Mahay in this free smartphone app.

We feature a new running podcast as well entitled Aroph Short Stories, where I narrate a selection of stories from emerging writers and classical tales of Arthur and Robin Hood.

Bored on the subway? Fall into another world for a few minutes. You know you want to.

Feature List:

  1. Native Android and iPhone apps.
  2. Listen to the Aroph Short Stories Podcast Series.
  3. Mobile App at friendly with iPhones, Windows Phones, and Blackberry.
  4. Read a handful of quick short stories and poems on the fly.
  5. Track Judah’s blog posts to keep in the in.
  6. Easily send him messages or questions.
  7. Keep up on his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagrams. Who doesn’t tweet after all.
  8. Track any news about his travels and publications.
  9. Be totally awesome by downloading his app.

Please let Judah know what you think of his app and if you have any suggestions using the comments section below.

Direct Links: Android | Amazon | iTunes

mobile,android,app,application,iphone,judah, mahay

For those of you who are interested, I used to take care of all the coding in my app development.

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