Plague Birds

Book Review: Plague Birds by Jason Sanford

Plague Birds by Jason Sanford rivets with a high-impact tale of blood-infused AI, gene editing gone awry, and a surreal future where humanity struggles to reclaim itself.

I have to say, I was engaged throughout, both emotionally and intellectually. The concept of AI governing our world in which humanity lost its ability to govern itself kept me intrigued. There was an appalling depth of brutality to these AI, but you couldn’t help but see the humanity in them as well.

This future reality was spun with broad imagination and enriching depth. As I grew to care for the characters in this vision of our world, I found myself seeking the best in even the most questionable individuals.

Without giving anything away, I grew incredibly fond of the character Diver. She reminded me all too much of my daughter.

Anyone looking for a thrilling new read of an imaginative far-flung future, infused with disturbing AI overseeing humanity, within a story spun with literary flair, the debut novel Plague Birds by Jason Sanford should be your next adventure.

Update: Plague Birds by Jason Sanford is a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award and the Nebula Award. Just another great reason to consider reading the story.


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  • pamelacreese

    interesting… are the main characters kids? (asking because the cover looks like a child/teen, and the comment about Diver)
    Love your support for new authors. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Judah Mahay

      The main character is a girl about seventeen years old but I wouldn’t classify this as YA. More like noir literary sci-fi.

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