Death Wish

Published: Sick Lit Magazine, 3/16/2017. The rush of wind forms into words. “If you could know what it is to die, to experience it, to be one with it, would you?” The shadows draw together[…]

An Idea of Tomorrow

Pencil drop, A teacher provides Out of pocket. It’s their own dime. Yet, passed amidst discord, She cannot see nor sneer Upon such meager coin. She holds too dear Without fear Her own dime. Now[…]

In The Beginning Was Logos

In The Beginning Was Logos

Published: Sick Lit Magazine, 7/27/2016. In the beginning was not a primordial mass. In the beginning was knowledge. In the beginning was logos. And in the end there was nothing. All knowledge is outside time.[…]

The Human Quotient

The human quotient fractures, lost, pitted against itself. Time repeats. The past and the present are the future. The hum of dissecting life reverberates. :: Replay core protocol :: We found new life. We left behind ourselves. Look back. Never forget. :: stop playback ::

Episode 8 – Devin DeMarco

A new story by Devin DeMarco entitled “Payton Trent, Son of God” narrated by guest actor Lorien Reese. Short Bio: “Devin DeMarco is from a small town in upstate New York that you’ve never heard[…]

Episode 7 – Jeffrey Landgraf

Episode 7 features the story In His Own Image by Jeffrey Landgraf. A twisted look into the mind of the self aware created self. Short Bio: Dr. Jeffrey Landgraf is a physicist who employs paradox[…]

Episode 6 – The Red Dragon of Wales

This is another throw back to a classic tale. I can’t help, but keep in the realm of the Arthurian Legends, but The Red Dragon of Wales comes from William Elliot Griffis and is part of[…]

Episode 5 – Matthew Hall

Here we have Bumps by Matthew Hall. If anyone is interested in a twist of reality and a look at the end of things with a thrill, please listen into this story. Short Bio: Matthew[…]

Episode 4 – Devin DeMarco

This twisted story entitled Root by Devin DeMarco was a pleasure to read. Enjoy. Short Bio: “Devin DeMarco is from a small town in upstate New York that you’ve never heard of.  Or maybe you[…]

Episode 3 – The Legends of Arthur

This was just too much fun to pass up. As promised, every third episode will be a classic. In this case we have The Legends of King Arthur by Sir James Knowles. We will be focusing[…]

Episode 2 – Evan Pickering

Our second episode features “Music Box” by Evan Pickering the author of Hood. Short Bio: Evan Pickering is the author of Amazon bestselling novel Hood and a longtime professional poker player. Born and raised in[…]

Episode 1 – Jason Sanford

Our first story Blue Room is from the highly acclaimed author Jason Sanford. Short Bio: Jason Sanford is an award-winning author of short stories, essays, and articles and an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers[…]

Episode 0 – Introduction

Here is an introduction to Aroph Short Stories. For the next nine weeks a new story will appear every Friday, available from the Judah Mahay App, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, or your favorite RSS[…]

Aroph Short Stories – Update

Novel finished and now with agents. Back to recording the #ArophShortStories podcast. On episode 5 story “Bumps” by Matthew Hall. Planning on the first episode going live on the first of October. After which, episodes will[…]

Judah Mahay, Author App Walkthrough

I had a lot fun putting this together. Took a bit of tweaking, but I’m happy with the results. In the future I will be adding a podcast called Aroph Audio Shorts to the app[…]

Reviews for “The Human Quotient”

I submitted The Human Quotient to a writing competition at and received some incredible reviews that I wanted to share. Please go to the link below. Thanks.

When a Bullet Strikes the Rain

When a Bullet Strikes the Rain Vanishing, one following the next Eyes squint at the dark Droplets sizzle with staccato Speed equates to the sear A path laced with intent Quaking, she envisioning the casket Finger[…]

Reading Recap: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

So I decided I might throw up one of these on occasion. Let the world know what I think of my reading explorations. First let’s give props where props are deserved. Published in 2008, The[…]

Jazz at 5AM

I had fun relearning cursive for this one. Hope you enjoyed it. The text is below.  Jazz at 5AM Jazz at 5 AM Creaking bones These rusty hinges conjoined Weighted down, this solid ground Grinding[…]

Assumptions Abound: Dialogue with Jose Rivera

Our dear friend Jose Rivera is well know in the theatre community and he’s earned that honor. Over the years he’s guided budding playwrights in their craft. After a decade or so he finally imparted to a wider audience some of his insights in “36 Assumptions About Writing.” Here in this little piece, I’ll pull Mr. Rivera into the realm of fiction, showing how some of his sagacity might be a little more universal than first perceived. First I will begin by presenting the assumption and then I’ll analyze it. Let’s take a look.

Author App Featured

My author smartphone app was reviewed as an app of the day on the site Link posted below. Hope you enjoy. P.S. My app is also available on the iPhone.   Download: iPhone |[…]

eBook Short Stories Arrive

After much discussion with my friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to post a few of my short stories for free on major ebook retailers including Google Books and the iBookstore for the iPad. My first story[…]

Honored as An Advocate for the Arts

I recently was contacted by the Long Island Council for the Arts in Freeport to be honored for an annual event. They are recognizing people for their work as advocates in the arts. In all[…]

I Believe

Water of night Ever bright Glimmering iridescent With vague dreams Of heavenly seas Ever bright Splendid lights See into me Without fear I weep Splendid lights What a sight Simmering hope With eternal thoughts Of[…]

Fly Catcher’s Children

Arieth glanced each way up the road to check for cars. All clear. Now or never, she told herself. With a deep breath, she inched her way towards the door of the Fly Catcher’s shop,[…]

Wisteria Needs

“I’m sorry.” “It’s OK, Ann, I’ll be fine.” “Are you sure?” “Do I have much of a choice?” “Mom, you can’t think like that…Well anyways, I hear Jim coming downstairs, I need to get the[…]

Lights Out

Fredrick sat on his king size bed in his apartment tucked into the lush countryside of the Hamptons, tapping the front cover of his October issue of playboy magazine. His wife wasn’t home yet. How was he going to get fucked? A quick glance at his red oak nightstand proved it to be eight o’clock already. How long had he been trying to catch some occasional ass on Showtime? Man, the bitch never took this long.

He tossed the magazine on the bed, a sharp contrast to the pink flowers arrayed on the down comforter. He hated them.

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Splintered Glass of Mind

Splintered glass of mind Shattered mine Memories like quicksilver slip from my thoughts Playfully dancing in pools of words It dares to reflect, my painful game So to learn that which brings A bit of[…]

Watermill Grimoire Project

In January of 2010, I was blessed to be selected by an internationally acclaimed group of artists including Robert Wilson for a residency at the Watermill Center. The New York Foundation for the Arts through[…]

Watermill Grimoire Video

Judah Mahay | The Watermill Grimoire | January 30, 2010 from Watermill Center on Vimeo. The Watermill Center presented the work of the Spring season’s first artist-in-residence, the American writer Judah Mahay on January 30,[…]

Gift of a Soul

Alfred gingerly squeezed his granddaughter’s shoulder, a hollow assurance, he knew. “The hour is old and yet this wretched siege still bays its horn.” “When is it going to end, Grandpa?” “Soon I think.” “Really?”[…]

The Sacrosanct

Cardinal sins of the divine Cannot force the benign Even with teardrops dry Echoes of vain remorse Celestine words chiseled with despair Calamity of the soul unveiled Plagues the sanctity of the sacrosanct The shrine inspires[…]